10 modern fonts to use in your PowerPoint presentations in 2022

Check out our top 10 best looking fonts for 2022.


Why choose a nice font in my presentations?

Typography in the age of digital design goes beyond a purely aesthetic choice. Choosing the right font family influences readers' decisions.

This choice has a major impact on the design, the rendering and the appreciation of your presentations and we propose here a selection of 10 fonts that we particularly appreciate.

Royalty-free fonts

The fonts we present are royalty-free and available on Google Font. Another positive point: thanks to their embedding capacity, if you integrate these fonts into your presentation at the time of recording, the readers of your PowerPoint will not have to install it and it will be automatically installed in the background when the PowerPoint file is opened for each user who does not have the font on his computer.

Our top 10 fonts for 2022

Sans-serif fonts

Sans-serif fonts are modern, efficient, bring minimalism, clarity and a modern look to your presentations. Mostly used in the tech world, they are solid choices and many visual identities adopt these font families which have the advantage of being readable, adapted to the user interface and offering a very good level of accessibility.


Police: Manrope


Font: Figtree


Police: Epilogue
Police: Epilogue

DM Without

Font : DM Sans
Font : DM Sans

Space Grotesk

Police: Space Grotesk
Police: Space Grotesk

Serif fonts

Serif fonts are more traditional, respectable, elegant or sophisticated. Mostly used in the publishing world, these fonts are coming back in fashion these last few years and their use is being adopted by big brands wishing to differentiate themselves or give more personality to their brand. This is the case of Mailchimp, one of the few tech companies to have chosen Serif.

Serif fonts are widely adopted by the legal sector, consulting firms and media houses. McKinsey, BCG, The New York Times, Forbes, or Washington Post are examples. Beyond their character, these fonts blend very well with Sans-Serif body text and allow for numerous font combinations.

Playfair Display

Police: Playfair Display

Roboto Serif

Font : Roboto Serif


Police: Lora


Police : Aleo

Bonus : Krona One

Police: Krona One

For the more curious, feel free to explore Google Fonts which regularly offers new fonts. Or use our presentation design agency to define together your visual identity on your PowerPoint presentations.

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