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With a decade of experience in information design, we have successfully completed over 2000 projects, each one leaving its mark on the digital design landscape. Our dedication to excellence in presentation naturally led us to the Web.

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Website mockup on a wall
Made to measure
Each site is created from scratch, without templates, to offer unique designs.
mobile and responsive website mockups by slidor
Our sites stand out for their unique, up-to-the-minute artistic direction, while maintaining high conversion targets.
example of a website with a good score on google pagespeed
Well referenced
We think of everything to get you listed on your keywords and brand: semantics, content, landing pages, loading time, etc.
volgarp website home page mockup
Easy to edit
We design our sites with a view to maintenance and the addition of content by our users, so that they need to call on us as little as possible.
long scroll website mockup
We are able to generate 100 pages for 100 cities, products, points of sale, services or anything else in a fully dynamic way.
slidor paris team and premises
100% produced in-house
We are one of the few agencies in France to internalize 100% of its production for profiles on permanent contracts only.
illustration of synchronized airtable and webflow
Synchronized via Airtable
We offer the possibility of synchronizing any website data (blog, job offers, products) with your existing tools, such as Notion or Airtable.
Website mockup on a wallmobile and responsive website mockups by slidorexample of a website with a good score on google pagespeedvolgarp website home page mockuplong scroll website mockupslidor paris team and premises illustration of synchronized airtable and webflow
Realized in
4 to 6 weeks
We ensure quality rendering within optimized deadlines.
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Realized in
4 to 6 weeks
We ensure quality rendering within optimized deadlines.
Natural referencing
Art Direction
User experience
Customer returns
Customer returns
Final returns
Competitive analysis
100% products
Design, development, motion design, SEO or any other skill required is entirely internalized by our team of 30 permanent employees. Slidor never uses freelancers.
slidor team
slidor physical logo
slidor team at work
presentation designer at slidor
slidor designers in front of a presentation screen
10 rue chaptal
Associate of slidor paris
complete slidor paris team
Slidor burgundy
Additional services
Brand strategy, visual identity
We also redesign brands for small and very large companies.
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a unique site
Choose a creative, well-referenced, made-to-measure site.
Online in 4 weeks.
How do you work?
We estimate the time needed to complete your project based on your objectives, the existing site and its complexity. Our estimates are precise and tailored to each individual request.
What kind of clients do you work with?
We have experience with customers of all sizes in all industries. We create large-scale sites for major clients as well as small showcase sites for start-ups.
Can you work on very large projects?
We're used to large-scale projects: our agency employs 30 people on permanent contracts, and our processes are designed to handle large-scale, multiple requests.
How long does a project last?
The creation of a website generally takes between 4 and 8 weeks. Our production speed depends largely on your availability and the frequency of validations.
What makes you different from other web agencies? 
Creative, unique, fast websites, delivered in a short space of time, with meticulous project management. Designers and developers on permanent contracts, offering great responsiveness. Extreme rigor. Thorough understanding of business issues. Full support for presentations and branding.
What happens once the website is delivered?
You have full control over the content and can freely create anything that can be dynamic (articles, new city addresses, new products, etc.). For any complex modification or single-page creation, we remain your point of contact. Our turnaround time on existing sites is excellent, responsive and reasonably priced.
What skills do you have beyond creating the site?
We're a multidisciplinary agency. Everything that makes up your website is created in-house: video editing, user interface, illustrations, image generation, text, etc. We make suggestions on all visual assets, so as to offer a demanding level of quality on every element presented. In addition to your website, we have a detailed knowledge of the digital tools that serve your objectives via your website (CRM, ERP, OpenAI, any Google or Microsoft product, etc.). We have experience of both large and small organizations, and a very good general knowledge of markets and companies, thanks to our 10 years in business and our professional backgrounds.
Do you work on the content?
We provide recommendations on how to organize your content to serve your website's objectives. We write content for you when we feel it needs to be reformulated. We offer specific copywriting assignments if you have no existing content.
What software do you use?
We produce mock-ups on Figma, and develop on Webflow with code overlays created in-house. Our project management is handled via Trello, Monday or Notion, depending on the project and your IT stack. Beyond no-code, we develop tailor-made bricks to address every need.
Who will I be dealing with?
The agency's founders, project managers, sales staff and designers are in direct contact with our clients to ensure that each project is well communicated.
How can I be sure that the information I provide is completely confidential?
Our production is fully in-house and secure. We are also used to signing non-disclosure agreements on request.
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