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simple, institutional powerpoint slides
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cover powerpoint slide for lvmh and dior
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A corporate PowerPoint presentation that sets you apart

Present your company with a magnificent PowerPoint, stand out from the competition with an institutional medium that will leave your audience remembering your company.

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Change your brand image with a corporate presentation

Corporate presentations are a reference medium that present your company with informational intent. We tailor unique, creative and impactful PowerPoint presentations to help you convey a professional, established and memorable corporate image.

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cover powerpoint slide
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powerpoint slide with full visuals and strong message
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slide powerpoint corporate
slide powerpoint corporate
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Make your ideas and your business captivating

In an ultra-competitive world, companies need to stand out from the crowd with an impeccable design in addition to their value proposition. We tailor unique art directions to deliver the finest corporate presentations on the market.

With nearly 2,000 customers and 10 years' experience, we have addressed all sectors and their specific needs. Our in-depth understanding of companies enables us to deliver corporate presentations with a relevant design that your audience expects.

sample powerpoint slide for pairing capital
sample powerpoint slide for pairing capital
sample powerpoint slide for pairing capital
sample powerpoint slide for pairing capital
sample powerpoint slide for pairing capital
sample powerpoint slide for pairing capital
sample powerpoint slide for pairing capital
sample powerpoint slide for pairing capital
sample powerpoint slide for pairing capital
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Presentations that are easy to maintain and duplicate

We produce everything on PowerPoint or Google Slides in their native version. Our presentations are fluid, light, and designed to be fully edited by the sales team.

Creative or sober, modern or institutional renderings

What sets us apart is our ability to comply with rigorous graphic standards, while still being able to bring freshness to your designs.

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Easy-to-modify presentations

We create everything in native PowerPoint or Google Slides. Our presentations are fluid, lightweight, and designed to be fully and easily edited by any user.

Corporate presentations for hundreds of companies.

BNP Paribas

Transform your corporate presentations and change your company's image

We'll call you back within the hour.

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accorcocacolahermessorarearianespacehyperloopttcriteouberveepeerakutenpublicis groupeledgermicrosoftlacostecartierogilvy
Frequently asked questions
about corporate presentations
How do you work?
We estimate the time needed to produce your corporate presentation based on the content of your presentation and our experience in similar sectors and projects.
What kind of clients do you work with?
We have experience with customers of all sizes in all industries. 37 CAC40 companies have placed their trust in us.
What's the difference between corporate and commercial presentations?
Corporate presentations are seen as brochures and have an informational role. Often adopted by large companies, they offer a global view of your company, activity, values, services and products.
How long does a corporate presentation take?
Our corporate presentation projects usually take between 2 and 4 weeks, but can also be completed more quickly. We recommend 2 weeks if it's the first time we've worked together, depending on your needs and the number of slides. We can quickly estimate the time needed for your project.
What happens after the presentation is over?
We deliver your presentation and everything that was used to build it: you are free to reuse or modify it as you wish and to take advantage of the graphic resources created for any project (Web, Print, Advertising...).
What's the point of a corporate PowerPoint presentation?
Corporate presentations are the perfect way to enhance your brand image. Whether you want to show it off at meetings, present it to new employees, or simply show your company from a global, non-targeted angle.
What are your skills beyond PowerPoint?
We bring a wide range of expertise to the presentation: illustration, motion design, photo editing, visual identity, interface creation, front-end, etc. We recruit experienced talent from other areas of design before they become PowerPoint experts. Everything we produce is created in-house: we never work with freelancers. If your need goes beyond our expertise, we will refer you to our partners.
Do you work on the content?
We provide recommendations on how to organize your content to improve the impact of your presentation in the first instance. If your project requires copywriting and/or storytelling, we work with a company whose core business has been in this field for 25 years.
Do you work on other presentation softwares?
We're also experts on Keynote, Pitch and Google Slides. Rendering levels will be less impressive due to the tool's limitations.