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Interactive and non-linearpresentations

Interact with your audience according to their needs, navigate from one part to another like an app, and offer innovative experiences in PowerPoint.

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The same experience as a web application on PowerPoint

We recreate user interfaces on PowerPoint to provide unique experiences while giving you control over the editing of your content.

Example of an interactive PowerPoint presentation

Use menus, sub-menus and adapt your structure to your interlocutors

Jump from one part to another, return to the summary, adapt your slides to the questions you are addressing in order to avoid the linearity of traditional meeting presentations.

Create intuitive and responsive interfaces in PowerPoint

  • Present your product catalogues in an innovative way
  • Segment your presentation by sector of activity
  • Organise your slides according to the type of person you are talking to
  • Add a menu to your presentation
  • Create questions and answers
Example of an interactive PowerPoint presentation
Example of an interactive PowerPoint presentation
Example of an interactive PowerPoint presentation
Example of an interactive PowerPoint presentation
Example of an interactive PowerPoint presentation
Example of an interactive PowerPoint presentation

Offer variable paths to your sales presentations

Interactive presentations enable you to change the flow of your PowerPoint according to the person you are speaking to in order to provide relevant answers while maintaining a single file version.

Diagram showing an interactive, non-linear PowerPoint presentation

Endless possibilities on PowerPoint

Organise and visualise your entire presentation, implement quizzes or create decision trees based on your audience's choices. All with ease of editing.

Example of an interactive PowerPoint presentation
Example of an interactive PowerPoint presentation
Example of an interactive PowerPoint presentation
Example of an interactive PowerPoint presentation

Present on a tablet and interact with your audience on your presentation

Use touch and give yourself the experience of a mobile application to present your ideas.

Stand out with interactive presentations

Collage of PowerPoint slides made by Slidor

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Frequently asked questions

Does interactivity impact the level of editing?
We make sure to integrate the links on elements developed via the PowerPoint tool in order to keep the same level of editing on the content elements. The final deliverable remains in the classic PowerPoint format.
How do you develop interactivity on PowerPoint?
Interactive links are inserted in the presentation elements developed by us (menu buttons, boxes, arrows...). These links directly connect the slides to each other in order to offer you an ultra-fluid navigation like a website.
What types of presentations are interactive?
We develop interactive slides for all types of media. In our experience, sales presentations, trade show presentations and training materials are the most suitable for interactivity.
What level of tree structure can you offer?
We co-define the level of interactivity according to your content and the use of the document. We can go up to several successive levels of interactivity if you wish.
Can you reconcile interactivity and animations?
Of course. Animation and interactivity are perfectly compatible and even complementary. We regularly create supports that are both animated and interactive.
Is it easy to change the interactive links in the presentation?
We make sure to integrate easily identifiable and modifiable links on the slide elements. Moreover, our designers are at your disposal to explain the method of modification if necessary.
What are your skills beyond PowerPoint?
We bring a wide range of expertise to the presentation: illustration, motion design, photo editing, visual identity, interface creation, front-end, etc. We recruit experienced talent from other areas of design before they become PowerPoint experts. Everything we produce is created in-house: we never work with freelancers. If your need goes beyond our expertise, we will refer you to our partners.
Do you work on the content?
We provide recommendations on how to organise your content to improve the impact of your presentation in the first instance. If your project requires editorial design and/or storytelling, we work with a company that is an expert in this field since 25 years.
Do you work on other presentation softwares?
We are also experts on Keynote and Google Slides. In these cases, the rendering levels will be less impressive due to the tool's limitations.
Who will I be dealing with?
The agency's founders, project managers, sales staff and designers are in direct contact with our clients to ensure that each project is well communicated.
Do you work in white label?
No, our work processes mean that we are in constant contact with our clients in order to deliver the most beautiful presentations on the market.
How can I be sure that the information I provide is completely confidential?
Our production is fully in-house and secure. We are also used to signing non-disclosure agreements on request.