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sample slide with visuals for ibis
example of a powerpoint slide with a bento grid
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High-quality PowerPoint presentations in a hurry

We work with tight schedules and deliver quality presentations thanks to an organisation dedicated to short project organisation.

Start a project in a hurry
Start a project in a hurry
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accorcocacolapublicis groupeogilvybmwlagardèrecriteobearingpoint

A visual and impactful rendering on short deadlines

We achieve exemplary results on tight schedules by getting up to 8 designers to work together on a single project.

Our organization and rigorous processes enable us to maintain high creative standards despite time constraints.

Slidor for Accorhotels - Press conference

Unrivalled experience and responsiveness for high-volume slides

We are used to calls for tender, large documents (+500 slides) and rapid iterations. We offer the greatest reactivity on the market for this demanding exercise.

An almost instantaneous start to the project

Our structure is unique. We are the only presentation design agency in the world to outsource 100% of its production to more than 25 designers on permanent contracts in France.

This enables us to start each new urgent project very quickly, calling on our creative staff who are available and used to working together.

Team meetings and discussions of Slidor employees at their premises
Slidor Paris

Get creative results in no time

We offer effective artistic direction to find the right balance between creativity and volume of slides.

We prioritize and divide up the production of your presentations to optimize our time and offer you the best results on short deadlines, while retaining the rigor that defines us.

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sample slide with visuals for ibis
example of a powerpoint slide with a 3-column layout
sample corporate powerpoint slide
example of powerpoint slide with white background
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2000 customers, on time or in a hurry

BNP Paribas
Publicis Group

Give us your presentation due yesterday

We'll call you back in less than 30 minutes

Start a project
Start a project
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accorcocacolahermessorarearianespacehyperloopttcriteouberveepeerakutenpublicis groupeledgermicrosoftlacostecartierogilvy
Questions about
emergency presentations
Who will I be dealing with?
You are in contact with a dedicated project manager and the designer in charge of your project. These two points of contact will be at your disposal from the beginning to the end of the production of your presentation, and will accompany you in a very reactive way.
Can you deliver a presentation in 24 hours?
Yes, we are used to mobilizing designers on short notice to meet our customers' deadlines. During our first meeting, we'll be able to define what's possible to deliver graphically within the given timeframe.
Is it possible to contact the designers directly?
All our designers are used to interacting directly with our clients on a daily basis. Throughout the project, you will be able to contact your designer via the communication channel of your choice.
Can I change the content of my presentation once the project is finalized?
You will have 100% control over the elements of your presentation so you can change the content as needed.
Do you outsource the production of emergency presentations?
All our production is carried out in-house by our designers on permanent contracts. For urgent presentations, we make every effort to mobilize one or more graphic designers as quickly as possible. We never use freelancers.
Do you need a graphic chart to produce a presentation?
We are inspired by existing graphic elements whatever they are (logo, website, graphic charter, reference document). For an emergency presentation, we recommend starting with a logo and a color palette since we have little time to iterate.
How can I be sure that the information I provide is completely confidential?
Our production is fully in-house and secure. We are also used to sign non-disclosure agreements upon request.
Do you work on other presentation softwares?
We're also experts on Keynote, Pitch and Google Slides. Rendering levels will be less impressive due to the tool's limitations.