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Our exclusive partnership with HyperloopTT, the company set to change the world of transport.

Presenting the future of mobility




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Using PowerPoint to present a revolutionary concept

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies is the company based on the challenge launched by Elon Musk in 2013, around which 800 engineers and scientists from all over the world are pooling their energy and know-how to revolutionize the world of transport. To support them in this quest for performance and innovation, they have surrounded themselves with 50 corporate partners, including Slidor. It's been two years since we joined the adventure, and we're fortunate to have privileged access to the project's backstage.

Pushing the limits of PowerPoint to satisfy a company that puts design at the heart of its concerns

The pioneers of HyperloopTT have taken on the challenge of developing and marketing a new mode of ultra-fast transport at the cutting edge of innovation and design: in a few years' time, the first passengers will be riding in these futuristic shuttles propelled by a magnetic field. Design is a priority for HyperloopTT, and the teams are making a point of developing a visually striking means of transport to match the project's technical prowess.

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PowerPoint, a powerful design tool

Our creativity, combined with a thorough mastery of PowerPoint, enables us not only to propose a relevant and original graphic atmosphere but also to set up elaborate animations for a complete and impactful rendering.

Make an even bigger impact with PowerPoint animation

Beyond our creativity which seduced HyperloopTT, we push the PowerPoint software to its limits in order to give the messages a higher dimension thanks to the animation of the elements on the slides.

Slidor puts its creativity to work for a multinational company

At the start of our partnership, we held extensive discussions with HyperloopTT's teams to gain a better understanding of the Californian start-up's spirit. Thanks to a clear vision of the project, we were able to define a modern, sophisticated graphic universe that was as close as possible to the company's expectations. This upstream work enabled us to be more reactive and relevant in formatting the various presentations requested by HyperloopTT's teams. What's more, as part of this collaboration, our designers are able to work together on the same presentation, so we can deliver our services very quickly, whatever the nature of the request. HyperloopTT's needs in terms of presentations are varied and recurrent (concept or product presentations, template creation, presentation of financial results...) and we insist that each presentation produced is unique. Working with a company as innovative as HyperloopTT requires us to constantly renew our graphic concepts. To date, we have produced some forty presentations as part of this partnership.

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