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Comparison of PowerPoint features across PC, Mac, Web, Android and iOS versions

Learn about the differences in PowerPoint and the compatibility of features between different versions of the software


PowerPoint exists on many platforms and it can be difficult to understand what will work for one or the other. Below is a comparison chart summarizing the main features and their compatibility.

Where can I find the Office and PowerPoint applications depending on the version? 

PowerPoint for Windows

The most common version of PowerPoint that offers the most features


PowerPoint for Mac OS

Office for Mac offers a different interface, with the majority of features available


PowerPoint for Android

The PowerPoint app for Android smartphones and tablets. The app is suitable for creating, editing and viewing PPTX files. Versions of PowerPoint Mobile for Windows Phone 7 also allow viewing presentations streamed from the Internet.


PowerPoint for iOS

The mobile version for iPhone and iPad


PowerPoint Mobile (Microsoft Store)

The mobile version for tablet PCs and computers