Differences between Mac and PC PowerPoint: How to choose the best one for your presentation?

Discover the differences between PowerPoint on Mac and PC to make the best choice for your presentation.


Are you an expert looking for information on the features and differences between PowerPoint for Mac and PC? You've come to the right place. In this article, we will explore in detail the specifics of both versions of Microsoft's popular presentation software. We'll also discuss subscription offerings, pricing and compatibility with other Microsoft Office suite software such as Word, Excel and Outlook. Ready to learn all about PowerPoint for Mac and PC? Then let's get started!

Features exclusive to PowerPoint Mac

First, let's look at the features specific to the Mac version of PowerPoint, which are not available on the Windows version. This will give you a better understanding of the advantages of this version for Mac users.

Interface and accessibility

The Mac version of PowerPoint benefits from an interface specially designed for Apple computers. It is optimized for the macOS operating system, with adapted ergonomics and keyboard shortcuts, making the software easier to use for Mac users. In addition, PowerPoint Mac integrates Touch Bar on MacBook Pro, allowing quick access to certain features and optimizing productivity.

Features exclusive to PowerPoint PC

Now let's move on to the specifics of the Windows version of PowerPoint. These features are designed for PCs and are not available on the Mac version, thus offering advantages for Windows users.

PowerPoint Designer

An artificial intelligence tool that provides layout and design recommendations for your presentations.

Office Copilot

Still in the testing phase, this future artificial intelligence tool will be integrated into the entire Office suite, and will be deployed first on PCs

Access to the ribbon with shortcuts

You can use the alt shortcut to access features faster on PC, almost without using the mouse. Feel free to install our PowerPoint toolbar available for Mac and PC to help you with shortcuts.

Default fonts

The system fonts for PowerPoint are different on PC (Calibri, Arial in particular).

A more practical animation panel with a timeline

The PC version allows you to arrange and shift your animations more easily than on the Mac thanks to a timeline. If you are on a PC, you will find it much easier to animate a presentation.

Animation triggers

Also called "triggers", they allow to create complex animation scenarios and are only available on PC.

Support for mathematical equations

Support for mathematical equations is only available in PowerPoint for PC. If you are using PowerPoint for Mac, you will need to use other software to create math equations and paste them into your presentation.

Support for remote presentation

Remote presentation support is only available in PowerPoint for PC. If you are using PowerPoint for Mac, you will need to use other software to make a remote presentation.

Support for voice recording

Voice recording support is only available in PowerPoint for PC. If you are using PowerPoint for Mac, you will need to use other software to record your voice and add it to your presentation.

Compatibility with other Microsoft software

PowerPoint for PC is fully compatible with other Microsoft Office software, such as Word, Excel, Outlook and Microsoft Teams. For example, it is possible to integrate Excel tables and charts directly into a PowerPoint presentation, or to use Word design templates to customize your slides.

All the features of the Mac version... and more

The PC version of PowerPoint includes all the features present in the Mac version, but it also offers new ones, specific to Windows.

Subscription offers and prices

Whether you choose the Mac or PC version of PowerPoint, you'll have a choice of subscription packages to access the software. Offers vary according to features, number of users and price.

Microsoft 365 Home and Personal

Microsoft has two main subscription offerings for individuals: Microsoft 365 Family and Microsoft 365 Personal. The first offering is for families, allowing multiple members to access PowerPoint, as well as Word, Excel, OneNote and Outlook. The second offer is for individual users. Prices vary depending on the duration of the subscription and the features chosen.

Microsoft 365 Business

For businesses and organizations, Microsoft has specific offerings, such as Microsoft 365 Business. This type of subscription includes not only PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Outlook, but also collaborative tools like Microsoft Teams, as well as management and security features for professionals.

Compatibility of files between versions

One of the main concerns of users is the compatibility of files between different versions of PowerPoint. Fortunately, files created with PowerPoint Mac can be opened and edited with PowerPoint PC, and vice versa. However, there may be times when certain features specific to one version or the other are not fully compatible. In this case, it is recommended to check the compatibility of the elements before sharing your presentation.

Conclusion: the best version of PowerPoint for you

In short, the choice between PowerPoint Mac and PowerPoint PC will depend mainly on your operating system and feature preferences. Both versions offer similar functionality, with some differences unique to each platform. Subscription packages allow you to choose the solution that best suits your needs and budget. Regardless of which version you choose, PowerPoint remains a powerful and versatile presentation tool, essential for experts and professionals.

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