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Comparison of the 5 best tools to remove the background of an image

Find our benchmark of AI photo clipping tools


Whether it is to highlight the subject of a photo, or simply to change the background or make it transparent, it is common to want to crop visuals in the context of a presentation. PowerPoint offers a built-in image clipping tool, but it is not very effective. Here is our selection of tools that allow you to remove the background of your images cleanly and automatically, without technical expertise.

The 5 most powerful tools to automatically crop a photo

Certainly the best known of these tools, remove.bg does not owe its notoriety only to chance and its very good ranking on search engines. It is indeed extremely efficient in a wide variety of situations and stands out for its very low clipping error rate, even in the most difficult situations (subject blending into the background, hair/fur, etc.).

Positive points

  • Very effective in most situations
  • Several pricing modes adapted to all uses (single use, freelance, team or full agency)
  • Wide range of tools: webapp, desktop app, Android app, but also various plugins (Photoshop, Figma, Gimp...) and API

Negative point

Very limited use in the free version because of restricted export dimensions (in our example, the images were limited to 471x530)

Better known for its stickers offers, Sticker Mule also proposes a clipping service: Trace. This one sometimes finds itself in trouble with the most complex situations but has the advantage of being entirely free.

Positive points

  • Completely free of charge and decent export dimensions
  • Basic editor to add a custom background to the cropped image (solid color or photo)

Negative points

Less effective on clipping on a background of similar color to the subject, and on hair/fur type elements that require semi-transparency levels.

A convincing tool, completely free, and import/export images up to dimensions of 5000x5000px. It is also part of a range of online tools that are just as relevant.

Positive points

  • Offers the best export dimensions for a free tool
  • The editor offers a mobile version and other great tools (upscale.media, shrink.media, etc)

Negative points

Can sometimes tend to overflower some images and keep some elements in the background

Quite similar to remove.bg in its offer, Slazzer has an efficient algorithm but is a bit restricted in its free version with low resolution image export only. However, its pricing has the advantage of being gentler (both on subscriptions and individual credits) than that of remove.bg. Its algorithm differs from the other tools by trying to strongly demarcate the contours on its clippings (sometimes in an abusive way, as on the man's hair in our example).

Positive points

  • Very effective in most situations
  • Several pricing modes adapted to all uses (single use, freelance, team or full agency) and moderate prices
  • Plugins (Sketch, Figma, Photoshop), desktop and Android app, API

Negative points

  • Limited export size in the free version (but 2 free credits)

ClipDrop offers one of the best compromises in its formula via a very wide range of tools and a free version that is not very restrictive to use. Only one offer is proposed (monthly or yearly subscription), including all the tools (Image upscaler, AI text to image, picture cleaner, etc)

Positive points

  • Very affordable paid version (but requires some volume as no per credit pricing is offered)
  • Access to other tools included in the subscription

Negative points

The AI lacks a little bit of precision on the recognition of the subject to be cropped (elements belonging to the background are often included in the cropped image)

How to crop an image in PowerPoint?

Select an image, then go to "Format image" in the banner, click on "Remove background". You will then have to define with a brush the areas to be kept and the areas to be deleted on the image. Be careful, the result can be disappointing depending on the complexity of the photo or the object to be cropped, and we advise you to use the tools of our comparison or a professional software.

To conclude

If you don't want to invest in one of the paid solutions for background removal of your images, feel free to juggle between the different free options we present here. Indeed, in some cases, a tool that is less efficient on a given image may be more accurate on another image.

If you have the possibility to dedicate a budget to the clipping of your photos, don't hesitate to test the free versions of the different tools before paying, in order to determine which one is best suited to your use (and which offer best meets the volume of clipping you need).

If your presentation is heavy due to the insertion of images, find our guide on how to reduce the size of your PowerPoint.

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