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Should we say a slide or a slide?

An existential question that we must answer


In French, the nouns of technological objects, such as "slide PowerPoint", are generally considered masculine. This means that the articles and adjectives that accompany them are also masculine. For example, we would say "un slide PowerPoint", "un diaporama PowerPoint", "un logiciel PowerPoint".

However, it is important to note that the grammatical gender of a word does not depend on its meaning or nature, but rather on the way it is used in the language. In French, the grammatical gender of a word is determined by its ending, for example, words ending in -age are generally masculine, while words ending in -tion are generally feminine. However, there are exceptions to these rules and it is sometimes difficult to predict the gender of a word without knowing it.

In short, we can say that "slide PowerPoint" is masculine in French.

In use, we hear both from our clients, and we think that the feminine gender may be closer to its translation: "a PowerPoint slide".

Rest assured, our presentation design agency accepts any kind of slides.