How to find corporate logos for your PowerPoint?

Easily search for corporate logos for your presentations


Looking to create a professional presentation for your business or organization? Do you need one or more logos for your PowerPoint presentation? You've come to the right place. In this article, we will explain how to find logos for your presentations and how to integrate them into your project. To entrust this work to a professional, ask our presentation design agency.

3 useful extensions to download logos for PowerPoint

The "Image Downloader" extension on Google Chrome is a handy tool for downloading images, including company logos. Just install it on your browser, then navigate to the website of the relevant company and click on the extension icon. The extension will then display all the images available on the page, including the company's logo, which you can download with one click.

The "SVG Export" extension on Google Chrome is another handy tool for getting quality logos. It allows you to download logos in SVG vector format, which means that the images can be enlarged or reduced without loss of quality. SVG logos can be easily imported into PowerPoint and used without any problems.

The "Brandfetch" extension on Google Chrome is a more advanced option for people who need a large number of logos for their presentation. This extension allows you to search for logos based on company name, industry, company size, etc. You can also filter the results by country and download the logos in PNG or SVG format.

How to integrate the logo into your presentation?

Once you have found the perfect logo for your presentation, it is time to incorporate it into your slideshow. You can do this by downloading the logo to your computer and adding it to your presentation.

It is important to use the SVG file format for logos because it offers several advantages. First of all, vector images are independent resolution images, which means that they can be enlarged or reduced without loss of quality.

Inserting a logo in SVG will also allow you to change its color easily in PowerPoint and thus change it to white if your background is dark.

In addition, the SVG format is compatible with most presentation software, including PowerPoint. Finally, SVG is a lightweight file format that allows faster loading times for presentations.

If you still can't find the logo via the extensions

You can try the transparent logo search on Google. First, type the company name in the search bar, followed by "logo" and "png". Then click on "Tools" and select "Color", then "Transparent". This will filter the results to show only PNG logos with a transparent background, which is the best option if you don't have SVG.

Why do you need logos for your PowerPoint presentation?

A logo is a very important image for your presentation. It reflects the essence of your company or client and is an essential part of their branding. By using logos in your presentations, you can convey a clearer and more consistent message to your audience and potential customers. Therefore, it is essential to find the right logo for your presentation.


In conclusion, finding corporate logos for PowerPoint is not always easy, but with tools like Image Downloader, SVG Export and Brandfetch on Google Chrome, you can get quality logos quickly and easily. By using the SVG file format for logos, you can improve the quality of your presentation and provide a smoother user experience for your audience.

Finding the perfect logo for your PowerPoint presentation can be a time-consuming and tedious process, but it is essential to creating a professional and cohesive presentation. You can search for them via these means or hire a professional presentation design service.

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