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Event presentation
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Our collaboration with Europe's leading cloud provider.

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Aspecial event
in Paris

On 18 October 2018, the European Cloud leader gathered its teams of experts as well as its partners at the 6th edition of the OVH Summit. The opening of the Keynote immediately set the tone: Octave Klaba initiated his presentation with a guitar rock concert that transported his entire audience. The presentation was followed by strategic revelations on the new features of 2018, and was then accompanied by a time of exchange and learning around a startup village with more than 25 exhibitors, around thirty conferences and labs, as well as numerous workshops.

An impressive setup, and a giant screen to fully express our creativity in this huge event hall.

PowerPoint slide for OVH

An innovative,
and futuristic presentation

The announcement of a strategic plan is always a crucial moment for a company. Being clear, inspiring and impactful while getting the audience to buy into the plan is the key to making the event a success. For the second consecutive year, Slidor accepted the challenge by proposing slides focused on technology and the future, in line with OVH's strong culture of innovation.

PowerPoint slide for OVH
PowerPoint slide for OVH
PowerPoint slide for OVH
PowerPoint slide for OVH
PowerPoint slide for OVH

A memorable event with a PowerPoint presentation

During a 2.5 hour keynote, Octave Klaba, Founder and Chairman, and Michel Paulin, CEO of OVH, presented the group's 2018 strategy and the new smart cloud plan that will redefine OVH's cloud offering.

By pushing the boundaries of PowerPoint once again, Slidor was able to help make the day memorable.

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