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Our best sites to download free fonts for PowerPoint

Our resources tips for choosing the perfect font


If you are looking to download fonts for PowerPoint, you have many options online. Here are our top sites for downloading royalty-free PowerPoint fonts.

Discover our favorite sites to choose the right font for your presentation

  • Fontshare: A small selection of very current fonts that easily compete with premium fonts. Fontshare is a reference and is produced by the Indian Type Foundry (ITF) and offers serious free alternatives.
  • Fontsquirrel: A curation of the most beautiful free fonts on the Internet made by a team of professionals, you will find your happiness on this site which includes the most beautiful fonts.
  • Google Fonts: Google Fonts is a very large library of free fonts offered by Google. You can browse the different categories of fonts and download the ones you are interested in. Google Fonts fonts are optimized to be read on screens and are easy to use in PowerPoint presentations, they are updated very regularly and include the latest free fonts.
  • Dafont.com: is a free font download site that offers a wide variety of fonts in all styles. The site is historical and offers a very large choice of creative fonts for all needs.
  • Fontshub.pro: A large bank of free fonts that will fit perfectly into your presentations, with a powerful search engine and a visual identity that will remind us of another famous site in a completely different register.
  • FontSpace.com: is another free font download site that offers a large selection of fonts of all styles. You can use the search engine to find specific fonts or browse the different categories to discover new options.

By using one of these popular font download sites, you should be able to find the perfect font for your presentation. Check out our article on our top 10 most beautiful fonts on PowerPoint.

Why use a good font for your presentations?

Font is an important element of graphic design, as it can influence how content is perceived and understood by the audience. A well-chosen font can help convey the message effectively, while an inappropriate font can hinder the readability and comprehension of the information. Here are some reasons why it is important to use a good font in graphic design:

  • It can contribute to a brand's visual identity: the font can be used to create a strong and consistent visual identity for a brand. By choosing a font that reflects the desired brand image, you can ensure that your content is immediately identifiable and associated with your brand.
  • It can improve readability and comprehension: a well-chosen font can make your content easier to read and understand. Fonts are also designed to be read more or less well on paper or screens, but also offer accessibility and readability depending on their display size or screen resolution.
  • It can add style and visual interest: By choosing a font that matches the desired mood or style, you can add visual interest and personality to your design. You can use quirky or offbeat fonts to create a unique atmosphere, or more conventional fonts to convey an image of professionalism and reliability.
  • It can help with recall: a well-chosen font can make your content easier to remember and retain. By using a font that is easy to read and understand, you can help your audience retain information more effectively.

In summary, it's important to use a good font in graphic design because it can contribute to a brand's visual identity, improve readability and comprehension, add style and visual interest, and help with recall. It's important to take the time to choose a font that suits your needs and your audience, and to use it consistently in your design.

How to install a font on PowerPoint?

Once you have downloaded your folder with all the fonts you want, simply install each font file on your operating system (either Windows or Mac), then restart the entire Office suite (by closing all open programs and restarting PowerPoint). PowerPoint displays all installed fonts just like any other application. See our guide on how to install fonts in PowerPoint.