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What is a ppt agency and what does it do?

Find out how ppt agencies work and our tips for choosing the right provider


A ppt agency is a company that specializes in the creation and formatting of PowerPoint presentations. It can be asked to create professional presentations for a company, an organization or an individual. A ppt agency's primary role is the design of presentations, but it can also go into the field of writing or consulting on content. The ppt agencies also create PowerPoint templates or slide models in order to improve the creation of presentations by the employees of a company.

PowerPoint agencies have become increasingly popular since they first appeared about 20 years ago. New companies offering this service are popping up regularly as it becomes more and more common to use them. This is partly due to the evolution of tools and the importance of information design in business. Moreover, the hyperspecialization of these agencies is relevant because the stakes can be so high on a presentation. Generalist communication agencies are, in general, poorly trained to manage this type of project.

What are the advantages of working with a ppt agency?

The advantages of working with a presentation design agency are numerous. First of all, an agency has experienced and trained professionals in the creation of presentations. They are able to create quality, aesthetically pleasing and impactful presentations that will captivate your audience, better convert your prospects, or align the company's graphic design with the PowerPoint documents.

In addition, an agency can help you structure your message and implement an effective communication strategy for your presentation.

It's also a great time saver for your company's employees who won't have to think about formatting their slides when they create the content.

How to find the best ppt agency for your needs?

To find the best presentation design agency for your needs, here are some tips:

  • Do an online search to find agencies that offer this type of service in your area, type "ppt agency" or "presentation design agency" on Google. The vast majority of them are located in Paris.
  • Ask for quotes and compare offers, also ask for references from customers or brands in your sector or field of expertise.
  • Look at the agencies' portfolios to get an idea of their graphic style
  • Please feel free to contact the agencies with questions and to ask about their work process.
  • Ask who your contacts will be and demand the possibility to communicate with the company's designers, this will make project management easier and avoid intermediaries.
  • Make sure you can come to the agency to meet your contacts, some projects may require everyone to meet in order to move forward.
  • Check the internal organization of the agency you are soliciting, and prefer those who have in-house designers (on permanent contracts) to handle submissions rather than those who simply act as intermediaries with freelancers. Refer to our article Freelance or presentation design agency.
  • Ask if there are tools that measure the time spent on the presentation by the designers in order to anticipate a possible chargeback
  • Consider the importance of confidentiality in your presentation, and make sure that the agency you are soliciting is careful with their data and who they share it with.
  • Make sure the agency is registered on societe.com, make sure it has enough employees or a sufficient team if your presentation is important or your deadline is tight.

What are the costs of using a ppt agency?

As for the costs of a ppt agency, they depend on the complexity of your presentation material, and the time needed to produce it, but also on the deadline requested. Ask for a quote from several agencies to get an idea of the proposed rates and choose the one that best suits your budget.

Ppt agencies generally have several modes of operation:

  • A fixed fee that depends on your source presentation. They estimate the time needed to create the presentation based on the existing content and its complexity.
  • An annualized budget on which time will be deducted throughout the year
  • An hourly rate operation where the client pays an invoice for the hours spent delivering their presentation.

In conclusion, a presentation design agency can help you achieve professional quality presentations and implement an effective communication strategy. To find the agency that best suits your needs and budget, feel free to search online and request quotes.

Why is Slidor the best ppt agency on the market?

For almost 10 years, we have been striving to meet all of our clients' requirements for the creation of presentations in an exemplary manner:

  • The most beautiful art directions in the world on presentations.
  • All our employees have permanent contracts to ensure the highest quality, reactivity and confidentiality on projects.
  • 100% in-house production of presentations, without ever using freelancers.
  • Nearly 100% customer satisfaction, driven by our results-oriented culture.
  • A team large enough (30 people) to iterate quickly, bounce back or change artistic direction easily if needed, and the possibility to meet and exchange with your contacts.
  • Answers to new requests in less than 30 minutes to start projects as soon as possible.
  • Standardized work processes and a flawless organization allow us to create reliable reverse engineering and to send our productions on time.
  • A simple pricing model, flat rate or hourly rate, and tracking of hours spent on each project.
  • Omnipresent interlocutors on each project (project managers, designers, founders of the agency).
  • A great flexibility on our customers' operating modes.
  • References in all sectors, worldwide tenders won and more than 500 customers.
  • A solid expertise on many sectors and a consulting dimension carried by two founders coming from consulting, finance and IT.